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Our flagship Skills4™ Training Programmes are designed to improve your CV and job applications to increase interviews and job offers as well as your income;

You study a range of CV Boosting Qualifications at home. These are achieved by sitting multiple choice exams on-line. 100% of participants pass exams. 98% pass all exams.


There are two options

  1. If you have a Laptop or PC with a Webcam and a Smart Phone, and are a little but tekky – you can take exams at home. Your PC will record you.
  2. You can study fully at home and attend one of our local venues to sit exams supervised by one of our Tutors

 Key facts:

  • Enrol on-line
  • Receive a home study plan.
  • Supported by a Tutor

We inist you have watched and understood the videos available on our main website. They can be found Here.